Broad Encounters at the Boarding House Gallery

broad-encounters posterI am exhibiting my most recent Photo Objects in the group exhibition, Broad Encounters at the Boarding House Gallery from April 3-9, 2017.

Broad Encounters is a group exhibition that explores the new directions of photographic image making through the artworks of: Chelsea Birnie, Richelle Forsey, Samantha Jones, Devon Kelly, Taylor Kidd, Emily Lalonde, Natalia Martinez, Brianna McArdle, Alaina Osborne, Cailin Ruetz, Lydia Treidlinger, Sondoce Wasfy and Marina Williams.

If you are in Guelph, on Saturday April 8, we are hosting an artists’ reception from 1-4pm, that is open to the public.

Revisioning Gandhi by Margaret Bourke-White


I have been more than a little distracted with papers and books I am trying to finish, mini urbex trips and my work at the improv institute during my “summer break”; but I finally got the Gandhi piece done for my What is Past is Prologue project!

What is Past is Prologue explores a history revisioned and asks: What happens when the images that make sense of our history (and eventually our future), no longer exist?

collage studies

I have been collecting ephemera from tut shops, dustbins, abandoned buildings etc for almost forever and I finally reached the point that I know what to do with all the “stuff”.

I started experimenting with wunderkammers/curiousity boxes a couple years ago; but a change of cities put the process on hold. The inability to get my curiousity boxes built led me back to collage and I’m feeling pretty good about the results. Now I have a great excuse to collect more!

I have only finished a few collages to date, but I started the gallery all the same.