Some highlights from my summer shooting with a drone.

I was gifted a DJI Mavic Mini last month, and despite working everyday in my basement studio/office, I have managed to get out to practice flying my camera in some of my favourite places. Initially I had been focusing on capturing still images from directly above, but I have recently been asked to shoot b-roll for a short piece about The Arboretum in Guelph. So I am now focused on shooting video, and also learning to fly through forests and around trees – so far I have had only one minor incident!

Stay tuned for video footage.

3 thoughts on “Droning the World

  1. I like the abstracts that you can get using a drone. I bought a mini about 3 months ago. Still sitting in the box waiting patiently for me to ‘test drive’ it and get my sklls up.

    You’ve inspired me!

    1. Flying the camera is addictive. I love the bird’s eye pov, and look forward to be able to just fly it where and when I want, and not just practicing flying around trees! Send me pics when you get yours out. 🙂

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