Filmores Hotel Toronto


I will have several 11″x11″ prints of Filmores Hotel Hubby Daycare for sale at Gallery 44’s Wall to Wall – OFF THE WALL print sale and party. It’s a wild and crazy affair, come and hobnob with talented photographers and buy some art right-off-the-wall!

Wall to Wall – OFF THE WALL!
December 5, 2013 – December 14, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday December 5, 6PM – 9PM

And just for fun, here’s a shot of the Filmores Hotel from my 1995 photo book project One Block Radius about the neighborhood, when I was a resident!

The print is terrible (my enlarging lens or carrier was out of whack ), but it’s “clear” Filmores Hotel hasn’t changed much (and neither has their sense of humor – sumptuous menu? please!) in almost 2 decades.

Experimental Autumn


Fall always seems to coincide with my need to experiment with photographic techniques, processes and formats.  The week before last, despite the gray sky, it felt like it was the last warm Fall day and high winds were trying to shake loose the last of the leaves in the tress so I grabbed my DSLR  and tried to capture the movement of Fall in a still image. I like the result of the above image, although it feels ominous I can feel the change of season in the movement created by the branch lines of the trees combined with the in-camera lens action.



Happy 2013

Every year the TLR Club celebrates the first day of the new year meeting early in the morning for some photographic action. This year we visited the Junction Triangle to check out Solways Metal and Cadet Cleaners.

When I’ve recovered I’ll post some more photos!



BG at Cadet Cleaners








photo 1(15)











some days don’t go as planned but you still get the shot(s)

It’s been a while but a few members of the TLR Club finally got together to go out shooting today! We were hoping to go somewhere exotic like Buffalo, but we couldn’t get enough people together to make the trip worth our while and then we received several terrific tips on places in and around the Toronto Stockyards neighborhood to check out.

Sadly we encountered security, limited access, no access, hoarding, more hoarding and tall fences. I did however get some terrific shots of the hood.

Below are samples of my pending photos I shot with my iPhone. I am going to be taking my film to a new company for processing this week – my fingers are crossed…

The Cobra Bar
ironic park



boat in a fence, beyond a fence
confederate flag