I am becoming a member of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography this week; and one of the many perks of my membership is access to their wet darkrooms. Before I can use the darkrooms I must attend the darkroom orientation this week which is immediately followed by a G44 printing party! So I was digging through my darkroom boxes in my studio tonight looking for my scope and filters set etc when I came upon this print of a lunar eclipse I shot and printed in 1994.

The photo is pretty laughable, it looks more like a photogram than a photo from a negative- which it is. In my defense, I shot this on a whim and as it was in the time before the internet was something almost everyone had at their fingertips I had to wing it.  I was also in art school.

I plan/hope/intend on making some killer prints this week with some vintage papers I picked up this year.

We’ll see.

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