A ceasefire with the KNU, the release of political prisoners…. change in Burma!

In 1997 I lived in the border area between Thailand and Burma for almost a year with members of the All Burma Students Democratic Front (ABSDF ), teaching English and volunteering in exchange for room & board so I could help/participate in their fight for democracy.

15 years on and change may be afoot in Burma and my friends may eventually be able to go home.

I am so elated to hear about the ceasefire between the Karen National Union (KNU) and the junta, the release of hundreds of political prisoners and the NLD participating in the April 2012 elections.

Below are a few of the photos I took during my stay.

Modern Canadian Interiors – a poster


This poster was a submission that wasn’t accepted. It appears here with the printers bleed.

Chairs are the most often abandoned piece of furniture. This poster features my photos of my favourite abandoned chairs as they were found. People often design entire environments around a chair to illustrate the function or status of a room. Nothing changes when they leave. The chairs are now a suggestion of what the room might have been.


modern canadian interiors poster




daucus carota, the state of sleeping plants: a study in the decay of vegetation


I’ve begun a new series of non-traditional macro photography using a DIY macro lens.

sofa art

About the state of sleeping plants: a study in the decay of vegetation

The State of Sleeping Plants explores the plant world in decomposition through chance and a DIY (do-it-yourself) macro lens. I am fascinated by the visual resemblances of plant matter during stages of decay to fantasy and science fiction world creations. Using a DIY (do-it-yourself) crafted lens I go hunting in gardens, parks and ravines for the “doesn’t that look like…” moments of decaying plant matter and then photograph the similarity not as a specimen, but as a work of art. Queen Anne’s Lace becomes a HR Giger monster, Speared Thistle become a carnivorous orb and Milk Weed takes on the life of Devil’s Snare.


My DIY lens lacks traditional depth of field and a focusing mechanism. The search for subject matter is all about time of day, weather conditions and what I see as I’m visually foraging through the eye piece of my camera.

“Inside Greenwich-Mohawk Brownfield”: an exhibit

I have been invited to show some of my photographs at the 4TH ANNUAL Brownfield Forum: Brownfield Redevelopment & the Community. If you are in Brantford on Nov. 9, drop by the Brantford Polish Hall, 154 Pearl Street to see my work and photos by The Brantford Camera Club.

Although I didn’t “get inside”, I did tour the property of the Greenwich-Mohawk Brownfield/formerly the Massey-Ferguson, Massey-Harris and Cockshutt Plow industrial campus – in the pouring rain during the sites “doors open” last May.brantford_greenwich_mohawk


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