artifacts of photochemical processes and light

I began my relationship with photography through analog thinking and processes. I derive a sensory pleasure from the materials of photography and still revel in the labour of its processes.

The Artifacts series explores new possibilities in photographic image making with an emphasis on the materiality and techniques of the medium. I conflate analog photography processes with digital strategies to generate abstract images. These images are the result of cameraless techniques in which I assault large-format, 4×5 silver based, light-sensitive sheet film with unconventional methods, materials and light. A consequence of my  techniques renders impermanent negatives that can only be captured through digital scanning.

What began as a cultivation of mistakes and accidents, experiments and investigations into the potentialities of the medium, has now become a series of photographic images that are both documents of my performative experiences with the materials, as well artifacts of photographic processes and exposure.