Cyanotypes is a limited edition release out on Whitelabrecs of music by Fossil Hunting Collective.

Cyanotypes, the latest magical soundscape offering from my partner Jamie Jones aka Fossil Hunting Collective will be released next week on Whitelabrecs!

I had the privilege of creating custom cyanotypes for the album art. The track titles for the album are all influenced by bee related terminology and some carry double meanings which influenced the experimental direction of my abstract compositions. Using Kozuke Japanese paper – that is as translucent as tissue but tough like cotton rag – as a support for the UV sensitive cyanotype emulsion, I sought to create and capture delicate surfaces, vessels, and forms that imitated or were related to the four elements of matter (fire was represented by the sun used to make the cyanotypes). My notes in my journal when I finished the pieces talk about my intent to express tension, duality, climate change, and energy shifting and responding.

If you like to daydream, you will love this record. ”The sound is a heady blend of melancholy, nostalgic and life-affirming movements, using droning texture, tape decay and loosely performed instrumentation to tell dreamy stories.”

Fun fact: Did you know that the colour blue was the last colour to be written about in literature? There’s a terrific Radiolab podcast all about it!

decorative image
decorative image

Photos by Whitelabrecs (as I don’t have a copy of the CD yet!)

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