Private Space – a place of one’s own to retreat to, free from external restraint, to defend and develop the autonomous self.

Private Space is a book photographs of curious spaces identified in definitive terms as private or considered private spaces built in the public realm to withdraw to from the intensity of modern life and the surveillance culture of our world.

Labeled in the book by the geographic location and the occupant’s profession (if known), the photograph(s) of each space are presented juxtaposed by a catalogued list of contents to provoke the reader into a meditative investigation. Each space was documented in black and white and/or colour photographs, using both film and digital technology to set a pace to reading the book, one that insists on the slow looking inside each frame to examine it and consider the experiences of privacy within them.

The photographs of these real and manufactured private spaces are at first ordinary but are really intimate views into the personal sanctuaries of people. It was my intent to capture how these spaces were occupied and the experiences within them to rouse one to reflect on the desire(s) for, or discover ones own private space.

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