I photographed the A Day in the Life of a Toronto Grizzly Bear for the exhibition Aminals curated by Ron John George Nelson at the V.M.A.C. Gallery in Toronto, ON in 2006.

“Six years into the new century it is becoming increasingly clear that anthropomorphism simply isn’t what it used to be. Images of lovable losers, couch potatoes and cutie-pie monkeys selling cell phones, diminishes the long and distinguished history of our beloved Aminals. Not only are the phone companies and their ilk having all the fun, they are destroying the profound qualities of the true Aminal kingdom. Artists can do a much better job articulating the complex spirit of anthropomorphism, as evidenced by this exhibition.”

-R.J.G. Nelson

Grizzly Bear has been Farked, appeared in issue 17 of JPG Magazine, Issue #1 of iMag and made headlines when he roamed through Toronto’s Chinatown seeking shaving supplies.

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