Cities and Memory

cities-and-memory-2I am super pleased to share that my photograph -Inside the decommissioned nightclub ‘Atlantis’, Toronto, ON – was included in the  -global collaborative Sound Project –  Cities and Memory, encompassing field recordings, sound art and sound mapping from around the world. 

My photo – Inside the decommissioned nightclub ‘Atlantis’, Toronto, ON – inspired the soundscape “Dance of the dust (the smell of a previous life)” and the sound artist explains the track as  …”an improvisation inspired by the pictured elements, a long and evolving soundscape which wants to take the viewer through different moments of the building’s life. The atmospheres require to view different areas of the picture and let that moment speak through the soundscape.

The photo offers the possibility to learn about an indoor and outdoor space, a continuous, calm and evolving environment outside and a decaying atmosphere indoor, we decided to narrate a story of the invisible protagonist, the floating dust particles which are always there, in a perpetual dance.

The soundtrack is made of 3 main parts:
Part I
Introducing the noises and atmospheres, scattered, warm and sporadically bold, it echoes the past events that took place in the abandoned space
Part II
Takes the viewer to a different moment, the sound is quieter and longer, trying to reach that horizon in the long distance, outside the window
Part III
Interference and static noises have witnessed hundreds of hundreds of people and events. This is what’s left. Combined with the calm and vacuumed atmosphere pictured on the outside.”

Follow the rabbit down the hole of the internet to see what you might  hear.


Lorem Ipsum at the Boarding House Gallery

Lorem Ipsum, the group exhibition featuring the works of:  Leonard Walsh, Theodora Smit, Kaya Ratnasabapathy, Rebecca Payne, Emily Lalonde, Felicity Jones, Richelle Forsey, Cherie Englehart, Shelby Edwards, Mackenzie Duncan, Nora Downer, June C and Brontë Beggs, runs April 10-21, 2018, at the Boarding House Gallery.

Join us at the Opening Reception: April 12, 6-8pm.
Boarding House Gallery, 6 Dublin St. S, Guelph, ON

Lorem ipsum install photo
l-r: Emily Lalonde, Mackenzie Duncan, Cherie Englehart, Richelle Forsey & Leonard Walsh.


Open Studios at the University of Guelph

Come and see my work “in real life” at the annual Open Studios /  Shenkman Lecture this Wednesday, March 28, at the University of Guelph!

Open Studios 2018 features work by graduate candidates: Andrew Buszchak, Aidan Cowling, Sarah Davidson, Cassandra Ferguson, Daniel Griffin Hunt, Jessica Jang, Brennan Kelly, Jackson Klie, HaeAhn Kwon, Deirdre McAdams, Megan Moore, Emily Moriarty, Walter Scott, and Xiao Xue. As well as showcases works by fourth-year Specialized Studio undergraduates: Bronte Beggs, Nora Downer, Mackenzie Duncan, Shelby Edwards, Cherie Englehart, Felicity Jones, Emily Lalonde, Rebecca Payne, Kayathry Ratnasabapathy, Theodora Smit, and Leonard Walsh.

In the midst of it all, Tom Sachs will be giving the annual Shenkman Lecture in Contemporary Art – Bricolage and Ritual In The Sculpture
at 6pm in War Memorial Hall.

Open Studios
2:00-5:30 p.m. and 7:30-8:30 p.m.
Blackwood Hall, Firehall, Alexander Hall, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
Admission is Free – Everyone is Welcome!


JAS Top Ten at the Boarding House Gallery

Juried Art Show

I’m pleased to announce that one of my sculptures, “inorganic performance” was selected for the University of Guelph’s 50th Juried Art Show – Top Ten, happening March 19- 24, 2018 at the Boarding House Gallery.

The Top Ten artists include: Racquel Rowe, Kaya Ratnasabapathy, Nenad Vitas, Emelie Robertson, Lachlan Sheldrick, Ahmri Vanderborne & Abby Nowakowski, Agnieszka Zeglen, Michelle Ouellet, Agnes Mccormac and myself.

The opening reception is March 22rd, 7-9pm. Drop by if you are in town.

Boarding House Gallery
6 Dublin St. S.
Guelph, ON