Cranfield House

Sometimes you are in just the right place with a camera and at other times you have your camera and the door of an abandoned house is unlocked.

Cranfield House was was built some time between 1902 & 1913 (the records are murky), and was once the ornate home of William Harris, the founder of W. Harris and Co. that made fertilizers and glues from animal carcasses and the factory was in part “staffed” by inmates of Toronto’s Don Jail. In 1930 the house was sold to the Salvation Army and became Bethany House, a home for pregnant teenagers. In 2013, Cranfield House was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act and is as of writing undergoing modest renovations to be retrofitted for condominium use.


Wellington Street Destructor

I just found out the Wellington Street Destructor has been cleaned out! It was bound to happen after the neighbouring slaughter house closed. The city is now looking to secure and mothball the site.

Here are some of my photos from several visits over the years when the building was full of “the caretaker’s” collection of stuff.







And this is how I imagined the Wellington Destructor with a glass ceiling including the view of the city from the
And if you want to see it all cleaned up, Toronto City Councillor Mike Layton photographed the empty site last week.