Photographs from my body of film-based works: urban remains – feral interiors are publicly installed at Gallery Stratford – Art in the Trees until April 3, 2023.

I am thrilled to share my public art exhibition Urban Remains is the current Gallery Stratford Art in the Trees installation! When I was offered the exhibition, I was really excited about the prospect of the images acting as portals of light and colour against a backdrop of dormant trees.

“Cities, like dreams, are made of desires and fears, even if the thread of their discourse is secret, their rules are absurd, their perspectives deceitful, and everything conceals something else.”
– Italo Calvino

Structures in cities hold the stories of the lives of their occupants. Once a building has been decommissioned it begins a transformation into a forbidden social artifact, not dissimilar to the haunted houses of our childhoods that invoked fabulous tales of the previous occupants and marked them as places we were to be wary of. When the structures of cities fall into decline and our collective attention has turned elsewhere, what remains?

These photographs are from a body of film-based works: urban remains – feral interiors and social/industrial landscapes I have been seeking and documenting for over a decade that hope to invoke consideration for what is beautiful when entropy takes hold.

Open 24/7 until April 3 in Confederation Park, Stratford ON.

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