A throwback to the time before winter in the McLean brothers auto wrecking yard. I finally had some time to scan a few negatives from the McLean’s shoot. I am really pleased with how my controversial expired 1980’s Sakuracolor SR100 film turned out – the lab was concerned my film would ruin their C41 chemistry costing them several hundred dollars and they didn’t want to run a risk for a $7 processing job without an assurance I would take responsibility for the disaster it was sure to cause.

Sakuracolor is Konica film and is meant to be developed in C41 chemistry. “Sakura” translates to “Cherry Blossom” in English.

The black and white images are Kodak TMAX 400 developed in Pyrocat HD. These images were made with my Rolleiflex.

energency-door-rockwood-autobus trcuk-window-and-tire--macleans--2015 smash-rockwood
tree-crash-mccleans-v2 mamby-pamby-car-mccleans thrill-ride---mccleans

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