Paintings of a Yesteryear, the first full length for (Ph)authers, is due out on June 28, 2021

The long awaited full length follow-up to (Ph)authers self-titled release is almost here and I am thrilled that a commissioned work from my artifacts series graces the cover of ‘Paintings of a Yesteryear‘. (Ph)authers is the sonic duo of Guelph artists Fossil Hunting Collective and Hymns57. “Both artists boast a hefty sonic tapestry in their own right but when combined as (Ph)authers, the sum of their parts wields like a sonic bear hug. Melding equal parts ambient and experimental terrain, lush with lofi overlays and steeped in post rock sensibilities.” [Rusted Tone Recordings]

If you are looking for a sonic reprieve from the noise, inspiration in the studio, or you just need a soundtrack for daydreaming, the experimental ambient magic of ‘Paintings of a Yesteryear’ might be just right what you seek (it is for me!). Available from Rusted Tone Recordings as a digital album or limited edition cassette!

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