I am thrilled to to share that my drone photography exploring human activity on the landscape is featured on the cover AND inside the latest issue of PhotoEd Magazine – Winter 2023/24 The LAND Issue.

The images are from my recent works developing Desire Lines that examines human activity and our impacts on the land at the intersection of the sublime landscape and the urban/built environment – where the sublime meets the interests of capitalism and consumption. Typical desire lines are the consequence of human (and in the natural world animal) foot traffic, pathways made over time created by mechanical erosion. These aerial images are a study of the way in which our present-day desires are making more than foot paths in the land with an emphasis on showcasing the vulnerability of the environment. They are also a visualization of how land is colonized from a perspective that is invisible from the everyday vantage point of people. The geographies of these images are not from remote locations or far away destinations where other people live, they are images of the land in the community in which I live and work in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and could be in the backyard of anywhere. Through scrutinizing the impact of our collective desires and present-day relationship to the land, I hope to inspire consideration for the traces of what was and forward thinking for what could be.

A decorative images of the cover of a magazine divided into 12 squares (posts) for instagram. The magainze name is PhotoEd, it is The LAND issue.
The cover when revealed on PhotoEd’s Instagram.
A decorative drone photograph of a construction site for a suburb with an unfinished road.
development in pause. l had an insatiable itch to photograph this site for almost a year, it taunted me with potential “things to be seen”, but it had always been too much weather to drone every time I was visiting the area. It was an abandoned farmstead and forest, and I was surprised when it vanished and was grossly clear-cut into the tree-line that revealed the lake.
A decorative drone image of a parking lot fractured from neglect and overgrown with weeds.
wild pavement. I often revisit and rephotograph sites (as I am able to), to also document the consequences of the desire for land, and sometimes nature has has an opportunity to take it back, if only briefly.

There’s a spread in the digital edition too, but I’ll share that when it’s revealed in 2024.

PhotoEd Magazine is a Canadian content photography magazine sharing photography stories in a brand new light.

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