Toronto, 20 years ago

Toronto 1996Toronto looking East – from my archives! I shot this in 1996 with my trusty Pentax when I rode the elevator of the CN Tower to film the ascent on Super 8. I’ve always loved how highways snake around and through cities. Weird too, there’s only one noticeable billboard – it has an image of a heart and the words “coming to a body near you”. No clue what is it for.

It would be interesting to re-shoot this view today for a side-by-side comparison.

the dancer, Our Bodies, Ourselves

I’m still looking through my archives and rediscovered the body of work I photographed for the exhibition Our Bodies, Ourselves at Anoush Gallery in Toronto, Ontario. The series  explored my subjects ideas of their self image/identities or they  became characters of my interpretation(s) of their anti-egos.

Michael was a dancer and we decided I would photograph him performing nude with exaggerated (drawn-in) muscle definition. We spent a couple hours together in the studio and it was all I could do to keep up with his energy.

face in sheer michael and fabric michael, running in fabric michael as a statue piano man

figure, frame and building

figure-frame-and-buildingAgfa APX 400

I have been spending some time during the last month reviewing some of my older film based works. So often I printed only a select few pieces that promptly went into my flat files to be immediately forgotten. This photo is from a shoot I did of my friend Jamie in her home. She was/is a modern dancer whose performances I shot frequently through the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

I love the casual position of her hands that were anything but and the  silhouette of her hip thorough the cotton petticoat.

Proofing for my next book project: Burma’s Club Med

I have finally begun the task of evaluating my photos from my adventures with All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABSDF), during the year 1997-1998 and proofing a selection of photos for my next book project Burma’s Club Med, that I plan to have completed by the Fall of 2013.

It’s been pretty exciting revisiting my work and subsequently discovering images I had dismissed as not worthy of printing or had missed entirely because my compositional intent when shooting the images didn’t match-up with my aesthetics when I got back to Canada. Although I also suspect my immaturity as a photographer may have also had something to do with it! I was more excited about the colour images and not couldn’t see the magic of my black and whites.

Anyways. These are a couple proofs I printed in the gallery 44 darkrooms last week. I shot these in one of the Karen camps close to the ABSDF camp/regiment I was staying in at the beginning of my time in the border area between Thailand and Burma. I  was absolutely delighted to discover these images and despite a small scratch on the the negs (bulk loaded film i suspect), that can be easily (famous last words!) spotted out, I think they’re a shoe-in for the book.

an interview absdf burma absdf