As with most buildings, the days are numbered for the Westwood Theatre. I am sure as I am writing this post that the last of the building is being ripped apart and/or the rubble is being sorted for reuse.

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I’ve since moved East of the Westwood and was only aware that the theatre was coming down and so a week ago I jumped at an chance to tour the Westwood mid-demolition (exploring a semi-demolished building, alone, after torrential rains isn’t my idea of a good time anymore). The signage on the roof was gone, the lobby was stripped of the last of it’s character, the basement was flooded (Etobicoke had almost 165mm  rain the week before) but there was some lovely tricorn graffiti in one of the projection rooms.

I’ve added the snapshots taken with my trusty iPhone to the Westwood gallery. When the film comes back from my darkroom, I’ll post those too!


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