toronto scene throughAt times the city (Toronto), feels cold, the warmth of the sunlight hogged by the better vantage points at the tops of the towers. Everything is in motion, hustling, lurching forward, idling,  panicked  to move forward, brash, loud, driven… signals, signs and sounds indicate how one should maneuver.  It’s hard to see.

On another day, you are in a back alley of a busy street and where there shouldn’t be an opening is now a rare glimpse of a scene that doesn’t exist without the omission of a building.



1 thought on “the omission of a building

  1. Lovely.. there’s a series I have long wanted to explore ie ‘Temporary Vistas’ or something like that! There are amazing, time-sensitive views that open up in the urban landscape that offer fleeting perspective of historic buildings, in that quiet gap between demolition and the inevitable re-build that, once again, occludes the temporary freedom of an open, unobstructed vista..

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