Today I had a sneak peek at The Merlin Years : The Art of Team Macho II while I was visiting my friend Melinda Josie (also a wonderful illustrator and artist!) and it is beautiful!

Not only am I excited about the book because it’s Team Macho and their work is genius/amazing/hilarious/edgy/awesome (if you’re not familiar with the collective mind power that is the work of Nicholas Aoki, Stephen Appleby-Barr, Christopher Buchan, and Lauchie Reid you need to get googling…) I’m psyched because it includes the photos I shot of their studio that I blogged about last year. The book also features the latest Team Macho family portrait we shot last month (see below)!

You too, can get your copy of The Merlin Years: the Art of Team Macho II this Thursday (March 22, 2012) at the book launch and signing at the shopAGO!


Team Macho family portrait

 UPDATE (March 23): The smell of a freshly pressed book is intoxicating and at 7am this morning I got high on the fumes of a new book and looked at pictures by and read about Team Macho.  The Merlin Years is absolutely gorgeous and a solid read. The Deep in the Shirt Yurt interview with Maggie MaDonald is wonderfully candid, the essay, Being Macho by A. James Bradley does a justice to their practice that is so often missed when their work is reviewed or discussed and the Axis Mundy DIY Guide by Ann Marie Peña strings the book, their practice, ideas and methods together. Oh, and the pictures are pretty sweet!


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