I’ve begun a new series of non-traditional macro photography using a DIY macro lens.

sofa art

About the state of sleeping plants: a study in the decay of vegetation

The State of Sleeping Plants explores the plant world in decomposition through chance and a DIY (do-it-yourself) macro lens. I am fascinated by the visual resemblances of plant matter during stages of decay to fantasy and science fiction world creations. Using a DIY (do-it-yourself) crafted lens I go hunting in gardens, parks and ravines for the “doesn’t that look like…” moments of decaying plant matter and then photograph the similarity not as a specimen, but as a work of art. Queen Anne’s Lace becomes a HR Giger monster, Speared Thistle become a carnivorous orb and Milk Weed takes on the life of Devil’s Snare.


My DIY lens lacks traditional depth of field and a focusing mechanism. The search for subject matter is all about time of day, weather conditions and what I see as I’m visually foraging through the eye piece of my camera.

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