On Friday I had a roof to basement tour of the remaining 45,000 square feet of Guelph’s former W.C. Woods Factory: the building that housed the offices of the CEO/owner and the staff cafeteria, an early 1900’s addition and the restored stone distillery (built in 1979), with 5 enormous 1800’s whiskey distilling barrels in a tiny stone room underneath it!

There were so many things I wanted to photograph, but there just wasn’t enough time (an hour) to do more than a digital snapshot study. I’ve been told I can return…

W.C. WoodsThe W.C. Woods Factory

owner-wallpaperDSC_6226W.C. Woods owner’s private loo wallpaper

DSC_6182A view from the roof of the W.C. Woods Factory, everything in this photo will be redeveloped next year.

whiskey-barrels-DSC_6250One of the whiskey barrels under the restored stone distillery building on the site of the W.C. Woods Factory.


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