experimenting in the studio – a diptera death mask

… or the house fly death mask….

I had some time to play in the studio last night and coincidentally had just discovered a large dead fly. I used to be repulsed by flies, perhaps it has something to do with the Save the Children commercials from the 1980’s? Now that I live closer to nature, I am more grossed out by the mouthpart of the mosquito – but I digress.

I have been photographing the decay of plants in macro for a number of years and when I saw the fly, I immediately thought of photographing a macro sized death mask.

The fly was shot handheld using my Nikon D7000 with a reverse mounted Nikkor AI 50mm 1.8 lens and lit using an 80 lumen flashlight for with two Ikea 4W bulbs (for warmth) on a small mirror with 10x reflection.

In the featured image (if you can’t “see it”), is card #31 of the Empire Strike’s Back O-PEE-CHEE Star Wars trading cards series featuring Chewbacca.
repugnant death mask Repugnant Death Mask 1/5

repugnant-death-mask-2 Repugnant Death Mask 2/5

repugnant-death-mask-3 Repugnant Death Mask 3/5

repugnant-death-mask-4 Repugnant Death Mask 4/5

repugnant-death-mask-5 Repugnant Death Mask 5/5

Frost spacescapes in false macro

This morning the sunlight and the frost on the glass between the window panes was too much of a draw to ignore. Despite having less than 10 minutes to play,  I grabbed my Nikon and trusty DIY macro (reversed lens) and captured the fragile existence of the frost spacescapes between the panes.

ice ice baby

It was cold and grey almost every day, but I ventured out to capture the aftermath of the 2013 ice storm that impacted Central and Eastern Canada leaving many in the dark and cold for upwards of a week.

Here are my favorite photos of Etobicoke, Bellwood County and in between (through the windshield of the van), covered in ice.