The Globe, Black Diamond & Nicholson File on a beautiful day

Many of the vacant/abandoned and neglected sites I have a chance to photograph have had long histories and most have had an economic significance to the communities they existed and that  when they cease to exist it's a blow to the communities surrounding them: Kodak Toronto, Color Corp Buffalo, The Packard Automotive Plant... but not as many have had a news worthy note like the Globe, Black Diamond...

Cherry Beach in the cold

3 years ago on a cold, cold day exploring Cherry Beach I wandered with friends around Cherry Beach, T&T, Polson Pier, and lower Jarvis (I think!). It was a crisp and perfect winter day for shooting. It was also the day I found an abandoned and exposed roll of film in a derelict house featured in Archive Issue #1. [gallery columns="4" link="post" ids="983,984,985,986"]   I'm working out kinks...

Happy 2013

Every year the TLR Club celebrates the first day of the new year meeting early in the morning for some photographic action. This year we visited the Junction Triangle to check out Solways Metal and Cadet Cleaners. When I've recovered I'll post some more photos!                                

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