Filmores Hotel Toronto


I will have several 11″x11″ prints of Filmores Hotel Hubby Daycare for sale at Gallery 44’s Wall to Wall – OFF THE WALL print sale and party. It’s a wild and crazy affair, come and hobnob with talented photographers and buy some art right-off-the-wall!

Wall to Wall – OFF THE WALL!
December 5, 2013 – December 14, 2013
Opening Reception: Thursday December 5, 6PM – 9PM

And just for fun, here’s a shot of the Filmores Hotel from my 1995 photo book project One Block Radius about the neighborhood, when I was a resident!

The print is terrible (my enlarging lens or carrier was out of whack ), but it’s “clear” Filmores Hotel hasn’t changed much (and neither has their sense of humor – sumptuous menu? please!) in almost 2 decades.


I finally became a member of Gallery 44 last year and joined the G44 Board for the OUTREACH Zine and will be facilitating workshops exploring Contemporary Photography and zine making with participants from the 519 Church St. Community Centre, Eva’s Phoenix, Native Learning Centre (NLC),NIA Centre for the Arts and Urban Arts during April-June.

To keep education programs like OUTREACH Zine, Cameralinks, Photomagic etc running, Gallery 44 raises funds through events like PHOTOPIA, happening next Friday April 19th, 6-10pm. The walls of Gallery 44 will be filled with a stunning selection of photographs created by both members and friends of Gallery 44 and many of the pieces will be priced below $500 so the artwork should be flying off the walls!

The event is free, but there is a raffle for a slew of sweet prizes including a tour of a winery, Stephen Bulger Gallery Art Publications, Aeroplan Miles and a Lomo Camera kit to name a few. The tickets are $10. The draw will take place 6 PM, April 19 (During PHOTOPIA Opening Reception). To purchase a ticket ($10) contact the gallery 416-979-3941 or

Buy some art for your collection or purchase your first piece!Late Night Laundromat












Late Night Laundromat, 16″x16″ (image size), 2009, Limited Edition of 15

Proofing for my next book project: Burma’s Club Med

I have finally begun the task of evaluating my photos from my adventures with All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABSDF), during the year 1997-1998 and proofing a selection of photos for my next book project Burma’s Club Med, that I plan to have completed by the Fall of 2013.

It’s been pretty exciting revisiting my work and subsequently discovering images I had dismissed as not worthy of printing or had missed entirely because my compositional intent when shooting the images didn’t match-up with my aesthetics when I got back to Canada. Although I also suspect my immaturity as a photographer may have also had something to do with it! I was more excited about the colour images and not couldn’t see the magic of my black and whites.

Anyways. These are a couple proofs I printed in the gallery 44 darkrooms last week. I shot these in one of the Karen camps close to the ABSDF camp/regiment I was staying in at the beginning of my time in the border area between Thailand and Burma. I  was absolutely delighted to discover these images and despite a small scratch on the the negs (bulk loaded film i suspect), that can be easily (famous last words!) spotted out, I think they’re a shoe-in for the book.

an interview absdf burma absdf



Lunar Eclipse November 18, 1994

I am becoming a member of Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography this week; and one of the many perks of my membership is access to their wet darkrooms. Before I can use the darkrooms I must attend the darkroom orientation this week which is immediately followed by a G44 printing party! So I was digging through my darkroom boxes in my studio tonight looking for my scope and filters set etc when I came upon this print of a lunar eclipse I shot and printed in 1994.

The photo is pretty laughable, it looks more like a photogram than a photo from a negative- which it is. In my defense, I shot this on a whim and as it was in the time before the internet was something almost everyone had at their fingertips I had to wing it.  I was also in art school.

I plan/hope/intend on making some killer prints this week with some vintage papers I picked up this year.

We’ll see.