detroit highland park reisited

Highland Park, a street revisited/the last house on the left, 2013

In September last year I took my film to a new lab because the lab I had been using (for the last decade),  weren’t keeping their chemicals fresh and my  transparencies were coming back under bleached/opaque. Of course I had just been to Detroit to shoot and most of the film from that trip has emulsion peeled off, or the film was melted, shrunk or the frames are ripped in half!

Initially I was really angry about the film, I felt ill when I walked into the lab and saw the box with the melted and shredded strips of sitting on the counter (I knew it was my stuff!). The kicker was how they tried to make the fact the film was caught in the dryer of their machine my fault.

Anyways, I’ve decided they still have some value and although I don’t know what I will do with them (see the Woodward Presbyterian Church photo in this post), here’s another image from the damaged rolls.  Now, I think the damaged film captures Detroit better than a crystal clear, f22 shot ever could.

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